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Templar Guide

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Templar Guide

Post by Yossi » September 15th, 2009, 6:56 am

So you like being in the front of the group? Wearing a target on your chest and getting beat on? Great, because the Templar is the tanking class of Aion. The Templar is a great class, but I will warn you, levels 10-25 are very very slow to level. The Templar is not a damage dealer as much as a meat shield. Patience is required when leveling a Templar because we kill so slowly. It's not until we level into the mid 20's that we start to get a lot of the same damage dealing skills the gladiator gets early on. You will also be using "sword and board" or a one-handed sword and shield through those levels (mace is also acceptable). Great sword skills don't really start to come your way until later levels than the glad.

Here's a quick start reference from Aionsource. I'll be adding comments and more information here as I get it. ... draft.html

Best advice I can give you is to have your "switch weapon" skill bound to an easy to reach button. In PvE, lead off using your great sword for the greatest damage and fastest burn down, then switch mid-fight to your sword and board to use your defensive skills while the offensive ones are on cool down. If you're fighting a caster class, stay with sword and board to maximize your interrupts and to be better able to use your shield interrupts when we you need them.
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